Marriage and Civil Unions

You must schedule an appointment for the ceremony to be performed.

A $10 Marriage/Civil Union Fee is to be paid to the Circuit Clerk prior to the ceremony.
(See additional information below county listings.)

Marriages/Civil Unions are performed in the courthouse as follows:

Champaign County  |  Douglas County  |  Dewitt County  |  Macon County  |  Moultrie County  |  Piatt County

Additional Information

  • Judges do not perform ceremonies outside the courthouse.
  • Each couple will have their own ceremony that will last approximately 15 minutes
  • Taking of pictures and videotaping of the ceremony is up to the individual discretion of the Judge performing the ceremony

Day of the Ceremony:

  • Arrive 1/2 hour early.
  • Report to the Circuit Clerk's Office to pay your $10 marriage/civil union fee. They will then direct you to the courtroom where the ceremony will be performed.

Items to Bring With You to the Ceremony:

  • Marriage/Civil Union License - (Do NOT fill the license out until you check in with the Circuit Clerk)
  • Receipt from payment of the marriage/civil union fee
  • Certificate of Marriage/Civil Union
  • Witnesses (optional)
  • Rings (optional)

If you have any questions regarding obtaining a Marriage/Civil Union License, contact the COUNTY CLERK'S OFFICE (not Circuit Clerk) at the phone numberlisted below:

DEWITT COUNTY:   (217) 935-7780
DOUGLAS COUNTY:   (217) 253-2411
CHAMPAIGN COUNTY:   (217) 384-3720
MACON COUNTY:   (217) 424-1305
MOULTRIE COUNTY:   (217) 728-4389
PIATT COUNTY:   (217) 762-9487