Special Recognition

On October 26th and 27th a DACUM research process was conducted at Lake Land College in Mattoon, Illinois to establish the need and curriculum of a Court Reporter school in central Illinois. This is the first step to see if a class could be started in Lake Land College.

Panel members included:

Melissa Clagg, Court Reporter Supervisor, 6th Judicial Circuit
Laurie Clancy, Official Court Reporter, 6th Judicial Circuit
Deborah Cohen-Rojas, Official Court Reporter, 19th Judicial Circuit
Karen Crisel, Court Reporter Supervisor, 2nd Judicial Circuit
Mary Danley, Official Court Reporter, 5th Judicial Circuit
Nancy Hopp, President, Alaris Litigation Services
Amy Richardson, Official Court Reporter, 2nd Judicial Circuit
Judie Roberts, Official Court Reporter, 6th Judicial Circuit
Holly Wingstrom, CSR, RPR, CRR-Freelance Reporter

Recorder: Dr. Lynn Breer, Director of Institutional Research, Lake Land College

Facilitator: Lisa Madlem, Director of Academic Support & Assessment, Lake Land College

Observers: Kathy Black, Business Division Chair, Lake Land College
Jeff Waite, Administrative Assistant to the Chief Judge, Sixth Circuit

The Honorable Jeffery B. Ford

The Honorable Robert C. Bollinger

The Honorable Robert C. Bollinger

Macon County Court Reporters

The Honorable Mike Carroll

The Honorable Robert C. Bollinger